Thai Fusion 6-pack

Thai Fusion 6-pack


The first time I ate Thai food in a New York City restaurant, I cried. The creamy coconut milk combined with a bit of chili pepper kick was unlike anything I’d ever eaten. In Thai Fusion, I’ve recreated that moment using a coconut experience that at first melts on your tongue. Then the chili peppers bring on that familiar, subtle Thai kick that I’ve softened with a background sweetness from a sprinkling of currants.

6-count box


Ingredients: Rice*, Powdered Soymilk* (soybeans*,evaporated cane juice*, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, sea salt), Currants*, Cane Crystals*, Rice Starch*, Red Chili Peppers*,Cilantro*, and Organic Coconut Flavor* (dextrose*, natural flavors). Contains coconut and soy. *Certified Organic